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Tools You Can Use On the Go
Timothy L. Baker, CPA, CITP, CMA

Meeting or Conference Applications
Do you use applications such as Citrix Online’s GoToMeeting or Microsoft’s Skype to communicate with co-workers and clients? These same apps are available for several mobile operating systems and allow you to take that call from virtually anywhere you have connectivity.
Citrix Online’s service, GoToMeeting, (  is a subscription service that many companies utilize. The service allows up to twenty-five callers on a single call, and handles audio and video. The calls may be recorded, if the host desires. Multiple user accounts are also available. GoToMeeting has conferencing apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Android Operating Systems.

Microsoft’s Skype offering ( is used by many individuals and businesses. Skype allows video and audio connections with other Skype users at no charge. Group video calls with up to ten individuals, or calls to cell phones or land lines require a subscription. Skype has apps for iPhone, Windows, and Android phones. Supported  mobile device environments include Android, iPad, Kindle Fire, and Windows 8.

Organization Applications
Do you ever wonder what you did with that piece of paper or sticky note? Do you need your notes at home, when they are at work, or vice versa? Then you may be a candidate for an organization application, such as Evernote or Microsoft’s OneNote.
An organization application helps you bring together your various notes about a number of different topics, and organize them all in one place.

Evernote ( is an application that allows you to store text, pictures, sounds, or just about any object you want. You are able to index the objects with keywords, so finding things is very simple. Evernote allows for storage of these different items on the web, so that they can be accessed from virtually any device. File storage above the entry level 500 MB incurs a monthly fee. The application has clients for Windows or Mac computers on the desktop, or iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone and Blackberries at the mobile device level.

Microsoft’s OneNote ( allows you to take notes and other items in a similar format to Evernote. OneNote can be used locally. In order to share OneNote you will need to be working on a network, or have a subscription to Microsoft’s Office Web Apps, which requires a subscription. OneNote operates with Microsoft Windows on a PC, and Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows devices.

File Sharing
File sharing is something that always has a use. There are several commonly utilized apps for this purpose. A few of the applications are Dropbox, Microsoft’s Skydrive, and Google Drive.

These applications allow you to store a limited amount of data at no charge (From two to fifteen MB), then charge a base subscription charge after that. You are able to add users (typically one) to share the files with. The ability to share with a group and add group folders typically is available with the paid model.
File sharing should be used with great care. Please see the sidebar article on BYOD security for more information.

Meeting, organization and file sharing are just a few of the general utilities that we can use on devices to be more productive. Utilizing apps like these, in conjunction with firm and platform portals and apps, can help us to be more productive, without regard to our location

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