Why did you become a CPA?
I became a CPA because I was interested in how businesses handled accounting for companies, my curiosity of income taxation, and the ability to serve the public.

Briefly describe your work experience?
Upon graduation from Wofford College, I served as grants administrator for Spartanburg County.  I was responsible for making sure grants funds were properly requested, received, and were spent for specific purposes.  I was in charge of recording fixed assets for all departments.  I served as management accountant at Bommer Industries, Inc. for two years where I was responsible for assisting with closing the accounting records monthly, managing costs of shipping products to customers, and collections of past due accounts.  I am currently a shareholder with Gosnell Menard Robinson Infante, CPAs, PA and have been with the firm for 14 years.  I perform audits of corporations, non-profit organizations, and employee benefit plans.  I prepare tax returns for corporations, partnerships, trusts, and individuals.  I  provide tax planning and assist individuals with estate tax planning.  I provide management consulting for small corporations with limited staff to assist them with their monthly accounting.

Diversity in the CPA profession is a priority. Do you see progress in this area? 
During my career, I have seen progress in minorities pursuing a career in the accounting field. However I haven't seen much progress in minorities seeking to pursue a career in public accounting or pursuing the CPA designation. 

How do you balance work/life integration?
My work/life integration is balanced by making sure time is scheduled for family activities during the busy season.  I also make sure to provide time for my own extracurricular activities.  It is important to give work and life the proper amount of time in order to make each aspect work efficiently and effectively. 

What advice do you have for minorities and/or women entering the profession?

  • seek an internship or a mentor
  • make a determination which field of accounting you want to pursue after graduation
  • prepare to obtain 150 hours to sit for the exam - don't sit out a year
  • commit to obtaining the CPA designation no matter which field of accounting you choose
  • Our profession historically has been known as a group of introverts, make yourself an extrovert and network with others
  • learn to listen, read, study, and pay attention to our changing profession
  • understand our profession is applicable in everyday life

Our profession offers limitless opportunities to be successful.

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