Financial Planning Conference (Livestream) (LI4180)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 | 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM (Registration at 8:00 AM) EST |


Intended Audience: Designed for all practitioners who provide clients with personal financial planning services or who wish to add this growing service to their practice.


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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

General Sessions

An overview of the technical requirements for various outright giving techniques and rules and split-interest giving techniques such as charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, gift annuities and gifts of a personal residence or farm with a retained life estate.

The estate planning needs of millions of clients have changed radically in recent years due to increased estate tax exclusion amounts, portability of a deceased spouse’s exclusion, and numerous court decisions.  This session will briefly cover the documents all financial planning clients need to have in place to deal with their death or incapacity and provide a basic understanding of several transfer tax related transactions.  We’ll then spend most of our time reviewing significant recent developments related to wealth transfer tax planning.

Most individuals will accumulate a significant amount of wealth through contributions or rollovers from qualified plans into IRAs. While somewhat complex, the rules in this area provide tremendous planning opportunities for our clients. Today, we will cover numerous places where you can add value, prevent mistakes and justify your fees.

Divorce, death,  marriage, job change, retirement brings on the irrational in many of us.   How does an advisor assist clients in making thoughtful decisions that are rife with emotion.  Join us for a session on how to marry technical knowledge with decision-making algorithms and active listening to help clients make decisions that are in their best interests.

Health issues touch many parts of a client’s financial life. A client’s health status often impacts health care costs, long term care planning, longevity, insurance, and estate planning.  Many advisers are not comfortable asking the intimate questions that touch on health, physical and mental. With the advent of roboadvisors and artificial intelligence in financial planning, advisers can differentiate their services to maintain competitive with these forces of change.   This session will include tools and techniques for broaching this subject and  integrating the outcomes into your planning and advice.  

You come in contact with clients every day and many have an elderly or disabled family member.  Your client may seek advice about providing for that family member now and in the future and it could be helpful for you to know something about the legal issues in play and the resources available to help your client through the maze.  From the basic issues of capacity to execute a power of attorney to the types of financial assistance to help with long term care, you can help your client find the answers he or she needs.  

This session will cover how to plan for social security, what you need to know and strategies for optimizing benefits.

Interest rates are on the rise.  The future path of rates is unpredictable and uncertain.  We will discuss ideas to build portfolios around this assumption.  We will touch on relationship between interest rates and inflation, interest rates and stock returns, predictive power of interest rates, individual bonds versus bond funds, and changes in yield curves. 


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