CPAs In Business & Industry Conference (CN4150)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - Wednesday, May 17, 2017 | 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Registration at 8:00 AM) EST | Embassy Suites, Columbia


Don't miss this opportunity to receive the latest updates and insights on industry changes. The SCACPA Business & Industry Conference approaches critical subjects from a practical stance, offering viewpoints relevant to CFOs, controllers, directors, bookkeepers, managers and accountants. The SCACPA 2017 Business & Industry Conference includes a wide variety of topicwith the opportunity to meet and learn from speakers who work in South Carolina's local business and industry sectors. 


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"The conference sessions provided something for everyone. The speakers were knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and I found them engaging." - 2016 Business & Industry Conference Attendee

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

General Sessions

This session will delve into the various issues being discussed at both the state and federal level when it comes to the future of health care in America.  We will look at the many ways the SC legislature is trying to address the health care situation in SC and how this could affect consumers in here in our state.  Secondly, we will discuss the principles that the Republican party wishes to see their new healthcare plan centered on.  As part of this discussion we will take a look at the various pieces of legislation that are being considered in Congress including the American Health Care Act.  Lastly, we will talk about the regulatory environment, and what changes, if any we could see come from this approach. Speaker: Mark Riley

During this session participants will learn the Top 10 Best Practices to take their expense management strategies from good to exceptional.  The instructor will describe key principles that financial executives will be able to implement in their own organizations to begin recovering significant cash flow and cash flow that can be put back to work in their business.  Detailed examples designed for an executive audience will be provided to help illustrate each of the principles to ensure understanding.   These best practices will help the audience understand how to develop an effective strategy to recover additional cash flow.  They will learn: • Why their actual purchasing history is very different from what they think; • How many of their company’s processes and assumptions are resulting in the wrong requirements for their suppliers and are systematically leading to higher supplier prices and costs; • What they need to know about their suppliers and how that knowledge will lead to lower cost supplier relationships; • How they can go to the supplier markets more effectively, negotiate better as an organization; and monitor progress for sustained results; and • How they can maintain the new stream of cash flow by creating a greater expense control mindset within their organization’s culture. Speaker: Ralph Owens

Hiring anything less than the best can be a massive burden on your organization. The cost of turnover, loss of productivity, and impact on morale can be catastrophic. Luckily, there are “tried and true” processes you can follow to hire “A” players and keep them on your team. Join Matt Vaadi, CEO of ERG Payroll & HR, for a conversation where he will share the “E.R.G. Method” to Engage, Retain, and Grow your team. Learn how to:
  •  Follow a defined process for hiring “A” players
  • Create an onboarding program to engage new hires
  •  Retain talented people by creating a culture that matters
There will be lessons and takeaways for companies of all sizes and roles on the team. You don’t want to miss it! Speaker: Matt Vaadi


Group C - Concurrent Sessions - Choose only ONE

The volume and variety of data available for analysis is expanding exponentially. Inevitably, taking advantage of these opportunities with data will be challenging for companies, creating the need for new skills, tools and ways of thinking. So what does the data-driven era imply for business leaders, and finance professionals in particular? What benefits are being derived from new approaches to data analytics? And what role should management accountants seek to play in this area? Learn more as these questions will be addressed during the session. Speaker: Paul Parks

Now, more than ever, our ability to positively engage clients and coworkers is critical to our success and job satisfaction.  Yet, despite our best efforts, there are some people we just can’t seem to connect with and establish good rapport.  In this interactive and dynamic Session, we gain insights to our own style and learn how to recognize various communication styles in others.  By understanding a person’s style we understand their motivations and perspectives; and, that allows us to adjust our approach to achieve more effective and productive interactions. Speaker: Jim Fadell

Group D - Concurrent Sessions - Choose only ONE

Hot Topics in Employee Benefits: • Even Your 401(k) Plan Needs an Annual Check-Up  • Form 5500 Changes Coming • Advancing Employer Objectives Through Direct Contracting for Healthcare  • The Evolving World of Telehealth • ERISA and HIPAA Privacy Considerations in the Administration of Coverage Claims Speakers:  Mike Brittingham and Sue Guitar  

Fraud is big business.  By some estimates over $1 trillion is lost to fraud and theft each year.  Nevertheless, most fraud goes undetected.  Or does it?  “Fraud and the Forensic Matrix” is a unique, (and sometimes humorous), look at the subjects of deceit and deception.  Gary German will share stories from his own experiences in fraud investigation and forensic accounting.  He will explore such topics as the “ethics” of fraud.  You’ll learn to quantify a business’ appetite for fraud and why audits don’t find fraud.  He’ll share with you his matrix approach to forensic accounting: a combination of financial analysis and the related inferential context to detect and investigate fraud.  Whether you are in public accounting or industry you are sure to benefit from this discussion as Gary dissects the dark side of accounting and finance. Speaker: Gary German

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Group E-Concurrent Sessions - Choose only ONE

Speaker: Sheri Callahan

Just about everyone use Excel for something while at work and most people know just how powerful it is. There are however, a number of wonderful, but not highly publicized features that could be helpful to many information workers. In this session, we focus on six of these features. Some of the “super” tools include, Flash Fill, Fuzzy Lookup, Tables, and Table Slicers.  We explain what they can do and how to use them; we even provide example workbooks that participants can use to work with these features. If you need to “ramp up” your Excel knowledge, take this session – you’ll be glad you did! Speaker: Karl Egnatoff

Group F -Concurrent Sessions - Choose only ONE

Speaker: Sheri Callahan

We have all seen the damage that can be done when cloud-based, mobile or back office data is compromised. High profile breaches like the Sony and Target hacks have made people realize that securing cyber systems is paramount. In this session, we discuss many of the foundational components of strong technology security protocols and how they fit into the overall protection matrix for an organizations assets. We then focus on two key areas, cloud security and technology authentication practices and show specific methods that entities can employ to help keep data and technology tools safe. Speaker: Karl Egnatoff

Group G -Concurrent Sessions - Choose only ONE

Speaker: Sheri Callahan

Don’t look now but someone in your organization is conducting business using a mobile device. They may be answering an email with a smartphone or filling out an expense report while traveling on an airplane. The move to mobile technology devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops along with the ever-increasing connectivity available to information workers is making many of the jobs people do more mobile. This session discusses ways that workers can add productivity and efficiency by using mobile devices, cloud-based apps, and back office data access functionality. It also points out some issues and pitfalls that entities must try to avoid as they and their employees go mobile. Speaker: Karl Egnatoff


General Sessions

This session is an update of state and federal changes for employers relating to everything from new I-9 forms and requirements, to new EEO reporting requirements,  to pregnancy accommodation in the workplace, to paid sick leave and minimum wage for federal  contractors – AND MORE! Speaker: Kris Cato

Rob Hickson joins again this year to discuss all things tech. Bring your list of questions, problems, complaints and aggravations (at least those that are technology related) and Rob will reduce your anxiety, with a bit of humor thrown in. If you have not attended Rob’s session before, his engaging style and heavy involvement with the audience will keep you awake on our final day, and with the large number of topics he covers, you’ll leave with information that you can actually use. This year, Rob will discuss and provide updates on: All things mobile Internet security for traditional PC’s Internet security for mobile devices Is Alexa spying on you? Has the cord finally been cut? The Connected Home – goodbye hub Do you need a 3D printer? PC and mobile buyer’s guide Wireless ear buds Speaker: Rob Hickson

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