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Additional Peer Review Information

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Peer Review Check List

Stay on the right track during the Peer Review process. Click here for the  Peer Review check list.

Peer Review Q&A

For a Q&A about the AICPA Peer Review Process, click here.

How to Become a Peer Reviewer

Performing peer reviews provides you with a great way to give back to the profession. Click here for information on how to become a peer reviewer.

Find a Peer Reviewer

With more than 32,000 firms participating in the Peer Review Program, find a reviewer who meets your unqiue need.

Annual Report on Oversight

The South Carolina Association of CPAs Peer Review Committee has instituted a regular oversight program of team captains, reviewers and firms in order to ensure the consistency and quality of reviewers’ work in South Carolina. All reviewers and firms enrolled in the AICPA or SCACPA Peer Review Program are subject to oversight under this program.

Upcoming Peer Review Courses

Peer Review Committee Dates