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Tech 2020: A Look Ahead

The year 2020 seems so far away, yet in reality, it is just around the corner. Accordingly, strategic professionals are already making plans for how they can operate most effectively in the upcoming new decade. As you begin making your plans, one of the k...

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Best Practices for Remote Access

In today’s “anytime, anyplace” world, many business professionals have the need to access their data and desktops remotely. In some cases, this requirement is only occasional, while in others, it is standard operating procedure. In this article, we examin...

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Cyber Security - Scare Tactics or Reality?

Do these threats affect you and your firm or do you believe that these attacks “always happen to someone else?” By now, all of you reading this should have your local drives encrypted to comply with your state’s security breach law. Our rule is that all d...

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