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Help Shape the Next Version of the CPA Exam - The AICPA is asking for your comments on Maintaining the Relevance of the Uniform CPA Examination through Dec. 2. The report includes preliminary research findings and asks specific questions that highlight potential changes to the Uniform CPA Exam. Click here to participate.  

Making A Difference On CPA Day of Service - On Sept. 19, CPAs from around the state gave back and volunteered in their communities. Thank you to those who volunteered this year. Click here to see your colleagues in action.

Celebrating 100 Years With Your Photos - Help us take a step back in time through the 100 years of the S.C. Association of CPAs. Do you or your firm have old images that depict how our profession looked through the decades? If so, would you be willing to loan them to us for use in publications, on our website and for our centennial celebration in 2015? Let us know! Please contact Maureen Taylor at mtaylor@scacpa.org  or call 803-791-4181 ext. 105 for more information.

Develop Communication and Leadership Skills at SCACPA - With your needs in mind, we have established a Toastmasters group that meets at the SCACPA office on Tuesdays, 8:00  - 9:00 a.m. and it focuses on communication and leadership skills. If you live or work in the Columbia area, please join us! Not in Columbia? Contact Reva Brennan at rbrennan@scacpa.org.

Volunteer Opportunities with SCACPA - Calling all South Carolina CPAs, we need your time, talent and dedication to move the association and profession forward. Simply review the opportunities and find what interests you and what fits your schedule. Want to get involved with SCACPA? Click here for information.

Show the World You Mean Business Visit cgma.org




U.S. Treasury Dept. Announces Steps to Stop Corporate Inversions - The Treasury Department recently announced plans to stop corporate tax inversions, the strategy that allows U.S. corporations to move their headquarters overseas and avoid U.S. taxation. Read more.

The IRS Prepares for the Impact of Health Care Reform on Tax Season -
In a hearing before the House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee on Sept. 10, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen talked about how the IRS would be processing the premium tax credit, which helps subsidize the cost of health insurance coverage for eligible taxpayers. Read more, click here.

SCDOR Releases Notice About Meetings On Alternative Allocation & Appointment Methods - Recently, the SCDOR issued a notification of a series of meetings beginning Sept. 19. For more information, click here.

Easy-to-Use Responses to Third-Party Verification (Comfort Letter) Requests -
The AICPA has developed a matrix outlining common requests CPAs receive regarding verifications (also known as comfort letters). The matrix is available for free download by clicking here. This resource is one of many components in a toolkit to help you make informed decisions regarding requests and determine related or alternative services for your client.

WE HAVE MOVED! - SCACPA has relocated to its new headquarters at 1300 12th Street Suite D in Cayce, approximately 2 miles from the old location. For details and a sneak peek of the new building, click here. 

Legislative Update - The 2014 legislative session began and ended in controversy but the General Assembly managed to pass into law most of their priority items in between.   Access the full issue of View From the Dome.