Peer Review

Peer review sets certified public accountants apart from other professions and tells the public that CPAs are dedicated to upholding the standards of our profession. Find out more about peer review below.  

Upcoming Peer Review Courses

Upcoming Peer Review: Is Your Firm Ready? - 8/25/2014 - West Columbia
What does it take to have an effective quality control system that leads you to a clean, unmodified peer review report* Find out how to prepare...
Performing an Engagement Review - 8/26/2014 - West Columbia
Learn to successfully conduct an engagement review under the AICPA Practice-Monitoring Program with the help of this training course for review...
AICPA Peer Review Program Advanced Course - 8/27/2014 - West Columbia
This one-day, advanced course is designed for experienced reviewers who want to heighten their peer review skills. It is an excellent follow-up to...

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Peer Review Committee Meeting Dates

November 22, 2013
January 24, 2014
May 22, 2014
August 22, 2014
November 20, 2014

January 23, 2015

 Facilitated State Board Access

Get complete details of the American Institute of CPA's peer review Facilitated State Board Access (FSBA) below: 

FSBA: Frequently Asked Questions 
Peer Review Transparency

For Firms

Use these resources before, during and after your peer reviews: 

What is Peer Review? 
About Mandatory Peer Review 
Things to Consider when Choosing A Reviewer
Peer Review Checklist 
Extension Requests 
Common Deficiencies 
Other AICPA Materials 
2014 Peer Reviewer Listings
NEW - Peer Review Billing Changes for 2014

 Enrollment Forms

Enrollment form for an AICPA Member 
Enrollment form for a non-AICPA member 
Peer Review Change Form