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What is the CPA-PAC?

SCACPA has one of the strongest grassroots networks in South Carolina, and the CPA-PAC is an important part of that effort.

The CPA-PAC is dedicated:

  • to the protection, preservation and furtherance of the public interest;
  • to the strengthening of the American economic system; and, in particular,
  • to the protection and advancement of the CPA profession.

What does the CPA-PAC do?

It enables the CPA profession to support legislators who share our views. It does this by making contributions to key leaders and members of the legislature. The profession has enjoyed a long list of legislative victories, but none of those successes would have been accomplished without legislators who listen to and support our position. It is more important than ever that we continue to support those who protect our interests.

With your donation to the CPA-PAC, we are able to:

  • educate legislators about matters that are important to the profession;
  • realize greater legislative effectiveness;
  • send a clear, consistent message; and
  • keep the SCACPA membership fully informed.



How else can I help?

Our grassroots efforts rely on personal contacts with state legislators. If you have developed a personal relationship with any of South Carolina's legislators, please consider joining our Key Person Contact Program. It's free, and by joining you can play a vital role in advancing CPA and business interests in the legislative arena.

The CPA-PAC (or political action committee) is a non-partisan committee comprised of CPAs who oversee the investment of financial contributions from SCACPA members in state political leadership (state legislators and candidates for state office) who support CPAs and business interests.

Staff Contacts

Erin Pate, or (803) 791-4181, Ext. 104